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As a new media installation artist, Suzi Webster's practice is concerned with exploring and critiquing the ways in which technologies impact and shape our experiences of being human. In particular, Webster is excited by the possibilities offered by digital media to create work that is collaborative, responsive and dynamic, rather than fixed and static, and that undermines traditional fine art distinctions based on medium specificity. Her current research interests center around wearables that explore intersections between sculpture and performance, fashion and computing, the body and its context, public and private, in a critical way. Recent exhibitions have included Node London; Artefact, at FACT in Liverpool, UK; Cyborgs: man or machine at the Science Museum in Newcastle UK and Codelive 2010 in Vancouver. Webster completed a BFA at Emily Carr University and an MFA Media at the Slade in London, UK, and is currently faculty at Langara College in Vancouver.

Research Interests

  • Bio-responsive wearables
  • Technological bodies
  • Cyborgs/Hybrids
  • Sensor networks and responsive spaces
  • Media as ecology
  • Time as an object